Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Question

I got another question for y'all.

Does anyone know why some of our apples look like this?

I don't know what kind of apples we have, but the majority of them look like normal apples! Every now and again though, we'll get some funny looking ones like above. It's not a bruise, we've come to that conclusion so far, and most of the ones we find like this are ones that we've picked off the tree. We jokingly call these "Jolly Rancher" apples, because the lime green part really does taste like candy! On the outside, they look perfectly normal; it's not until you cut into them that you find that they're different.

And ideas?


Sarah G said...

Could the buds have frozen a bit last November when we had that really hard frost? I'll ask my dad what he thinks.

Autumn said...

I have no clue about apple trees... my Dad's are still young yet (AKA: the only threat to their life is Bill eating off the leaves!) and my grandmother's tree is nigh on 60 years old. I've never seen this before, and my Google-Fu skills don't seem to be bringing anything up today!

Zev said...

I have no idea, but Jolly Rancher flavored apples sound delicious! :)

Michelle said...

I think you need to graft some cuttings and start your own line!

Goat Song said...

Hehe, we thought about that! Problem is, we don't remember which tree it was that we got them from! And one of them has three varities grafted onto it!

Zev, welcome to my blog! And yes, they are delicious! LOL. It's like eating a candied apple, without all the add-ins! ;D

Garden of Glory said...

I heard it's called water core or something like that... I know, even though it's a problem, it's a tasty problem :)