Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can I Just Say...

That I am ridiculously excited to be working with Greenfire Farms? I just finished hopping over to their website to see what was new, and oh good heavens... They have new breeds out... The Tolbunt Polish particularly caught my eye. Oooh, I can't wait until spring to find out what breeds they'll be sending me!!! 

For those of you who are new to my blog, you can read more about my partnering with Greenfire Farms HERE. 

But the bird that stole my breath away... Was the 'Double Laced Blue Barnevelder. Alas, they might not release any of those gorgeous birds for sale until 2014!!!! Aaaaah!! Methinks that would be properly classed as "cruel". LOL. What a beautiful bird... I guess I'll start saving my pennies now, so that in three years time, maybe I'll have enough money to buy one chick. ;) 


Jazkabor said...

I had to check it out, I fell in love with the Jubilee Orp. Low and behold 199 per chick, WOW. I checked out the store and I think the basque or the swedish are really pretty and (cough, cough) somewhat more affordable.... They are just chickens right? ; ) I just can't fathom losing one for that price (let along the 199). I think I would faint!

Jazkabor said...

Where could we pick up non-hatchery chicks locally? I have tried googling but haven't found anyplace, how about you?

We like our road trips, and we need a bird for our 4h project. Our current birds have issues. : )

Goat Song said...

Sorry, I don't know of anyplace locally, to get non-hatchery birds. :-/