Sunday, November 13, 2011

Picture Day at Goat Song Farm

It was time: I needed some conformation pictures of my doe 'Ivy'.

But of course, you can't just take pictures of one goat, or else the others get jealous, so we had a day of it... (actually, you'll notice that Pepper and Shilling are not in these shots. They were feeling camera shy today)

My sweet Ivy Rose...

I LOVE those badger stripes of hers!


Poppet the Pudgy

Poppet again!


Ummm, Poppet -- Again.

Poppet the Fuzzball!

Oh, and one random shot of my kits. They're 10 weeks old today! One buck turned out to be a blue, and wow is he a handsome hunk. I ended up with 7 males and 2 females (why couldn't it have been the other way around??). I'm hoping to keep the two females, and maybe the blue male, since he's such a good looking fella'... 


Miranda said...

These are great! Poppet is so funny... Wasn't the most flattering shot of Kiwi, but Ivy Rose is lovely!

Autumn said...

All your goats are gorgeous! I love little kits... they are the epitome of adorable!

Hannah said...

Cute pictures!!!! :)