Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Favorite

Here's one more for y'all...

Oh my goodness... I love this song... I never thought anyone could rank higher than dulcimerist 'Joshua Messick' in my mind (his song 'Desire for Departure is my "most listened to" song, on my MP3), but I think Ted Yoder managed to do just that with this beautiful song. 

My family is known for our "different" instruments we play. My dad plays the hammered dulcimer (and I love listening to it), then we have a bowed psaltery, a strumstick, some ocarinas, a lap harp.... I love the different instruments.

But I digress. Ted Yoder outdid himself on this one. 


Linz said...

Beautiful! I love the hammered dulcimer. My friend bought a kit and built his own. I tried to play it but I'm used to the piano and it was so confusing to me because the notes were all out of order. :-P I play (not much, not well) the bowed psaltery as well!

Love the new header, too!

Prairie Kari said...

It would be cool to hear your family perform all together with their unique instruments!