Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best Places to Hide Christmas Presents

Christmas is almost here! But where to hide those presents so no one finds them?!?! Here are a few places that should work, should you need some ideas...

1. In the oven. But please remember to take the gift our before baking!

2. Up the chimney. This is an especially good spot if you don't mind a bit of soot on the wrapping paper...

3. Inside the turkey. C'mon, who on earth would think to look for their present inside the Christmas turkey!?

4. Underneath the cat. You can't go wrong on this one.

5. On top of the mantle. No one looks there because it's too easy.

6. Underneath the car hood. Excellent spot, that one is... Guys, this is probably the best place to hide gifts for the gal in your life! She'll never look there! 

7. Inside the piano. See? Those monstrous instruments do have a use!

8. Inside a tissue box. Genius... Pure genius...

9. In the animal's feed bin. Who wouldn't love a gift that smells faintly of grain, and has a slight tack from molasses?

10. In the lawnmower bag. I think this is your best bet if secrecy is vital.

11. Glued to the bottom of a dining room chair. You might try the guerrilla glue... Super glue has a tendency to stop working at odd moments. 

And Number 12. Beneath the Christmas tree. Because, after all, who on earth would look there for a hidden present...? 

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