Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cold Morning

I loved this morning... It was cold outside. 

Ice cold. 

Freezing cold. 

Burning cold. 

The kind that makes your hands turn bright red, and your ears tingle with pain. You wish you had some earmuffs, and a better pair of gloves.


You tromp from the house to the barn, four times. Thawing and filling frozen water buckets. You're cold. 

The water sloshes around in an old, cracked bucket and spills right onto your boot. Right onto the crack that's on the old boot. Your foot is cold. And wet.

Your nose starts to run, you can't bend your fingers, your ears hurt like the dickens, the goats are grumpy, and your feet are wet.

And I smiled at that moment. I like cold mornings, not because of the inconveniences of it, but because of the wonderful feeling that you get when you go inside...

Breakfast was ready and waiting for me. Hot tea, scrambled eggs, toast, and an orange. The fire was crackling merrily, and I felt warm and velvety.

Oh yeah. This is the life...


Jazkabor said...


Autumn said...

Cold mornings and hot breakfasts are always the perfect combination!

Anonymous said...

Cold mornings and warm animals are aweseome!