Thursday, December 29, 2011


5 hours and over 60 wheelbarrow loads later, my barn was clean.

I am dog tired now.

I've been letting the bedding sort of build up in the goat pen lately, due to being too busy during the mornings to get to it. But today I told myself that I absolutely HAD to do it. The majority of the bedding was one foot deep. Some places were deeper. And the pen is 12' wide, by 25' long. That's a lot of bedding!!

So I forked, shoveled, and carted my morning away. It rained the whole time, which then made me start belting out the old folk song "Rainin' Here This Mornin'". I like that song...

"It's rainin', rainin', rainin' here this morning! As the Mississippi flows onto the sea!"

When you live in Oregon, you learn to work through the rain, simply because it's almost always raining here! You just have to put your head down, and slog your way through the job until it's done. I did a lot of slogging today...

But my hard work is evident. Not only is there a clean goat pen in the barn, but I have two manure piles waiting to decompose. Each pile is 3' high, and 10' in diameter. Big piles. Those will compost down and be used for the garden next year.

Hard work makes me happy. :)

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You are good... I need to do that to...