Monday, December 12, 2011

Torture... Pure Torture...

It came today... Baker Creek's 2012 seed catalog!

And not only did ONE catalog come in the mail, but by some sort of blip I received TWO catalogs! ;)

Alas, I have firmly told myself that I will under no circumstances open either of those catalogs until I am on the airplane on January 17th. Bound for Virginia. 

And it's torture... Pure torture... This year's beautiful catalog is 196 pages of gardening bliss. And let's not forget the 120 "new" varieties that they've added to their stock... My goodness, that catalog has enough heft to feel like a book! 

I so badly want to look through it... Just a peek. 

But no, I must stick to my goal and keep it for the 10 hour flight that looms in just 36 days. I can't even think about the plane trip without feeling a knot in my stomach.. I like traveling as much as people enjoy getting the flu. It ain't fun in my book. 

Does anyone else here look forward to receiving their yearly seed catalogs?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Yes! And I'm so jealous! I haven't gotten my catalogue, and Baker Creek is practically in my backyard!!!