Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Ooooh, I am stoked right now!!

In my post below about the upcoming goat conference, I jokingly commented that I should offer to teach a class. 

And then I stopped in mid-sentence. Why not? Why couldn't I reach for the stars and pursue the thought? So I wrote y'all to stay tuned, as I had a "light bulb idea". 

Upon finishing that post, I shot an e-mail off to the chairman of the conference, simply asking if they would be interested in another topic of interest being taught that day. My class choice? Herbal remedies for goats.

I received a reply this morning.

It was a "Yes" and a "No". Apparently they had already planned for such a class to be hosted, and had asked two different herbal doctors to teach it. Neither one of them have replied yet, and the chairman has said that if there is no reply in the next few days, the position is mine! 

Hoorah!! I may very well not get the position, but there's still a chance!!! :D

I must admit that I love teaching. I love it more than writing, and it's in second place to raising animals. I love that look that people get, when they finally "get it!" You see the realization dawn on their faces, and their delighted expressions as they find that they know what they're doing. People who once had no clue as to what they were doing; all they knew was that they wanted to know how to do it. They wanted that knowledge. And it never fails to bring me immense pleasure to help them on their way. 

So we'll see! I just may be teaching at the Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Association's Goat Conference in February!! That's an exciting thought. :)

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Autumn said...

That's an awesome opportunity right there! I'm not a very good teacher, although I'm always the student in the crowd that goes "OH! I get it!" whenever I finally understand something.