Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cap'n, We Have Bunnies!

Sheesh, the rabbits have been holding out on me this week! I thought those ornery does would never pop, and family members started questioning as to if they really were pregnant. But, I can now say that, yes, they really are/were pregnant!!

Rosie Cotton spent the entire day pulling fur and building the biggest pile of fluff that I have ever seen a rabbit make (and I've seen quite a few nests!). I figured she would kindle soon; maybe the next morning.

But lo and behold, I went in the rabbitry this evening to feed everyone and found that not one, but TWO of the does finally kindled!! Yippee!!!! :D

I have no idea if they're finished kindling, or if there might be a few more kits by tomorrow, but in Rosie's nest box, I found 7 wee babies. Alas, one kit was a stillborn... But the other six are chubby, velvety, pepto-bismol pink sausages of wriggling life. Sooooo cute! (if you don't mind the fact that they're hairless and blind, anyway...)

Doe #1 was the other proud mama. In her nest I found four fat blobs of babies. All very much alive and kicking! Two are white, like their dam, and two are jet black; noting who their sire was. :) While I hope that Doe #1 might surprise me with a few more kits by morning, I'll be okay if that's all she has. 

I'll be sure to post a video in the morning for y'all!

Now, if only Doe #2 would pop... 


Autumn said...

Yay!! Kits! I remember when we had kits at our house, it was such a joyous day!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Baby rabbits are sooo cute! :D I wish I could come over and see them some time! :)