Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It Has Occurred To Me

That I have not kulned in a very long time...

When the goats dried up last summer and I stopped milking them, I stopped my goat songs.

Barn chores have been done in silence lately. I see it in Ivy's face every day that she misses her milking song, but I have not sung it. For many months, I stayed silent because my tongue wanted to sing Capri's song. But Capri is no longer here. I could not sing.

 I have not kulned, because there is no milking. Where there is no milking, there can be no kulning. No calling the girls to evening rituals. No singing. No sharing a third language that both human and beast understand.

I did not realize any of this until today, when I heard this lovely Youtube of three ladies kulning. They do the art well. Better than anything I've ever done.

And it occurred to me, that I have not kulned in a very long time...

I will sing Ivy's song tonight while in the barn.

1 comment:

Abbe said...

I hope you find your song again tonight!