Saturday, March 3, 2012


All three of the does are nesting today. Doe #2 looks miserable. We should have babies soon!

I thought I would explain my "emergency nestboxes" a bit... I was supposed to have some wooden ones built before the girls were due, but that didn't get done, so I had to do some quick thinking! The metal nestboxes are worth their weight in gold, but they're also quite expensive ($25 each), so I wanted to see about making some this time around. Plastic buckets weren't exactly in my radar of thought, but they work right swell! ;)

So, if you're getting into rabbits, and you're trying to keep costs as low as possible, try this scheme!

First, you need a 12 quart plastic bucket like this one:

Next, drill holes into it. You'll notice that in each corner I have two holes next to each other. These are for wiring/zip tying the box to the floor. The holes in the middle are for drainage. 

Once that's done, zip tie it to the wire floor! I ran each zip tie up through the bottom, and then back down, so that the floor of the box would remain smooth. 

That's it! All total, these cost about $3 to make. I just scrounged buckets that were around the house and barn, so this was a ridiculously cheap and fast nestbox. I don't know if I would use these as permanent nestboxes, but for a temporary fix, they're great. :)

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Jazkabor said...

We attended critter romp today. (Jimmy was awarded blue in showmanship and conformation with his netherland dwarf). While waiting the hours it took to complete these two classes we had plenty of time to talk and started talking about meat rabbits so we could breed for show quality and have a purpose for the others. What do you think about that?