Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sigh Of Relief

Truth be told, I cannot for the life of me figure Photoshop out. Too many buttons and not enough directions. This girl needs something along the lines of "Photoshop for Dummies".

I never did find said Photoshop for Dummies, but back in the fall, I found what was called, "Picnik". I loved using Picnik to edit my photos... But then they announced that they were closing on April 19th, which, um, appears to be looming in the near future! Oh it looked bad... I was going to have to learn how to use Photoshop after all, which really meant that I would no longer be able to edit my pictures and y'all would have to put up with dim, blurry ones! Okay, on the count of three I want to hear a gasp from the crowd, okay? That would make me feel good, and would confirm my afore mentioned suspicions.  One, two, three!

There, I heard ya'. ;) Thankee' much.

But all was not lost! I found a new domain in which I can contort my images. [insert evil laugh here] The new place is called Pixlr Express (stumbled happily upon over at the Barn Talk blog). So we can all exhale now... The crisis has been averted. You will not have to endure poor quality/boring pictures all the time (just most of the time. LOL).

And now that I've babbled endlessly on, and really said nothing of significance, I'm going to go do the evening dishes. You're welcome to join me if you can hop over here fast enough.

P.S. I do actually have a ton of farmy news to share with y'all. Of hay, calves, chickens, and goats. Oh my!

Stay tuned...

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nancypo said...

I use the free Picasa, pretty simple/good features. We have photoshop too, but way too complicated for me in the fast and easy mode...