Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Gleaming Giant

   The night sky is bright tonight... Normally blanketed in dark obscurity, there's not much for the eye to behold. But tonight... Oh tonight the stars came out from their gloomy covers and glittered like diamonds for all to see. The air bit me as I walked outside... Like small fangs it nips and pierces. In the Northern sky I see the Big Dipper; still hanging tipsily, as though its contents will spill and stain the black hemisphere at any moment. Its handle dips down low to the tree line; perfect for me to grab a hold of, should some foolish fiend make an attempt at a sneak attack. This farm girl ain't to be messed with, and I have an over sized pot to use should they choose to contend with me.

   All the other stars danced and gloried in their splendor. Winking and laughing at my awe of their beauty. The Milky Way was a faint broad stroke filled with faerie dust, and I picked out other familiar constellations. Ursa Minor, Lepus Rabbit, the Little Dipper... All beautiful and wondrous.

 But by far, Orion stole the show... Looming like a gleaming giant in the South Eastern sky, he stood valiantly. His right arm was raised above his head, and his legs stood apart; the stance of a bold warrior. Three horizontal stars created his magnificent belt, and another two or three swept downwards. A glistening scabbard.

 He stood there. Silent. Foreboding. Proud. He was in his element tonight as he raised his arm in victory. Victory!  Did he defeat Ursa Major, the bear tonight? Leo the Lion? Whatever it was, he seemed to be pleased with himself as he cockily posed up there... A gleaming giant. I always love seeing Orion on the dark, cold nights of winter. When I tiptoe out into the inky blackness by myself to do evening barn chores, it's nice knowing that I have a big pot on my left side, and a warrior on my right. Shucks, I'm nigh invincible with such a duo!

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Lindsey said...

Orion has always been my favorite constellation. :)