Saturday, March 3, 2012

Creativity In It's Element

When you're a girl striving after a dream, and you find yourself with no money and no job, you really have to get creative in pushing yourself forward. Personally, I love the challenge of it. Figuring out how to get a task accomplished while spending as little as possible, or spending no money at all, has got to be one of the top thrills in life! LOL. 

So this month's crazy scheme was to enter a writing contest. I figured that was something I might could do!

The competition is fierce, and there are so many good entries that my little article has been fairly drowned! But there's still hope. I'm actually hoping for 2nd place, which would be a prize for some electrified net fencing (the most awesome invention since sliced bread!). The winners should be announced on March 15th, so we'll see if anything comes of my little spiel of words!

Want to read my article? Click HERE. :)

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Anonymous said...

if the Lord wills, you will have a farm. James 4:13-15