Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rose of Summer

 I've had the task of naming my new little doeling, and I surprised myself by choosing one fairly quickly!

The breeder mentioned choosing a flower-themed name, since all the does in her line have been named by that theme. I was okay with that, but I personally would have liked to go with a musical themed name, since all of this year's kids will have that theme (to go with my herd name of "Goat Song").

So I pondered a name, and tried to figure out how to intertwine the two themes, yet still have a good name for the show ring.

The answer hit me like a bolt of lightning last night, as I listened to my MP3. It was perfect! Both the breeder and I are delighted, and she's being registered this week!

My name decision?

'Last Rose of Summer'.

It's a flower themed name, but it's also the title of one of my favorite Celtic songs. :) What could be more perfect?!

So my little Rose of Summer has been named, and she'll be in my arms in two weeks... Eeeek!


Carol said...

Great name!

Autumn said...

Awesome name!!!

Goat Song said...

Thanks guys! I am super stoked about her!! :D

Krista M.V. said...

Beautiful name! I can't wait to see pics of her! :)