Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Beloved Land

I've babied it,
And I've abused it.
I've ignored it,
And I've used it.

I've grazed it too short,
And I've grown it too tall.
Sometimes I wonder,
If I'm really a farmer at all...

I've loved it,
I've hated it.
I've sung to it,
And I've berated it.

I've spread compost,
And I've spread tea.
And sometimes I wonder,
Just what's the matter with me!

For I speak of no wonders;
No great treasures at hand.

All I speak of,
Is my beloved land.


Anonymous said...

Did you write this? Very good!

-Kelly Peters

Goat Song said...

Hi Kelly! Yep, this little ditty came to mind while I was outside spreading compost on my garden. LOL. I was so afraid that I would forget it that I plunked down right on the damp ground and scribbled it all in my notebook that I keep in my Carhartt pocket.