Monday, March 5, 2012

She's Mine

I am absolutely overjoyed right now!! 

Look at what I'm getting at the end of the month!

This little girlie is a purebred, registered Nubian from the lovely breeders over at Grande Ronde Nubians.

A friend from 'The Goat Spot' gave me the link to Grande Ronde, and when I saw their does, I immediately put a doeling reservation down. My little lady was born on Saturday!

This is her dam: 

'Grande Ronde Dandelion' (as a First Freshener)
Photo courtesy of Grande Ronde Nubians
And this is her sire:

'Lakeshore FD Full Expectation'
Photo courtesy of Grande Ronde Nubians
Oh swoon, faint... I cannot wait to bring this little girl home! For awhile I wasn't sure if I would get her or not, so the reservation was tentative, but once I saw her picture, I finalized it. The clincher? She has badger stripes. LOL. This girl is going to be a powerhouse in the show ring, and in the milk pail; the badger stripes are the cherry on top! :D


Autumn said...

Ohmygosh is she totally ADORABLE!!! Will you get to name her?!

Goat Song said...

Yes! I get to name her!! :D :D