Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lightbulb Moment

On occasion, I like to mosey over to a forum called 'Keeping A Family Cow', just to see what new knowledge I can glean over there. And today I hit a goldmine! Someone started up a thread about feeding sprouted grains to cows (in my mind I'm converting it all to goats though...) and I am intrigued! You can read the entire thread HERE (warning: it's 27 pages!).

Folks are saying that 2 lbs. of grain seeds turn into 21 lbs. of sprouts, and they're using the sprouts instead of grain. Shucks, I LIKE that idea!! How fabulous is that??? Grain is expensive in my area; especially organic. I pay $14 for 40 lbs. of barley, or 35 cents per lb. Now let's see... If I sprouted that barley that would create 420 lbs. of fodder, which would then cost 3 cents per lb. Hmmmm... And if I bought a 50 lb. bag of oats from a local farmer, which costs me $9, or 15 cents per lb. Then the resulting 525 lbs. of sprouts would cost .01 cents per lb.!

This is where my hair starts standing on end, and I start wandering around the house like a madwoman, calculating numbers in my dumbfounded mind, and cooking up more plots. ;) [insert evil laugh]

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