Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carnival Of The Animals

Peaches and Summer have bonded. They sleep together, play together, eat together, and get worried when they can't find each other. Peaches hangs her head over the fence in the barn while I bottle feed Summer in the main area. And summer pokes her little head through the kidding stall hole to watch Peaches eat her dinner. One weighs eighteen pounds, and the other weighs one hundred and eighty. Opposites attract.

P.S. The strange doohickie on Poppet was an experiment I tried to see if it would keep Poppet from escaping the pasture. It worked, until Poppet found a bigger hole. Phooey. So it's taken off now.


Hannah said...

That is so funny! I am glad Peaches is getting along well with your goats. :)

nancy said...

Awww, how cute! Maybe it brings out peaches mommy instinct!