Monday, April 2, 2012

She's Sold

I called the man who owns Peaches the calf, this morning...

And five minutes later I announced to the family that Peaches was sold.

That is, sold to me!!

Folks, somehow in a flurry of events between Saturday and Sunday, I managed to get the exact amount of money I needed to bring Peaches home. Someone bought some soap, another lady bought a knitted farmyard set, Some sweet folks came yesterday and bought my antique spinning wheel, and my grandparents pitched in the last bit that was needed.  

We're going tomorrow (hopefully in the morning!) to pick her up! Hurrah! Pictures will be posted as soon as possible, of course, and let's hope that the sun stays out so y'all can see some decent shots of her!

A cow... Who'da thunk? ;)


DebH said...

just checked in and saw your latest posts!! Hurray for you and how exciting! I will be anxious to see the photos and good luck. Seems your prior experience with that Jersey girl wasn't so good, but I will venture a guess on Jerseys, They can be obstinate and irritating, but then along comes one that is a complete sweetheart. All in the Cow...all in the cow. Seems they have their own individual personalities in every different breed. One of my best milkers is a Hereford! I hand raised and babied that hereford from 3 days old. She is 3 now and still is the most docile and gentle girl I have. Her first heifer she had has that same exact personality and I didn't bottle raise her. Just all in the individual and I hope you got a sweetie! You are doing her a huge favor bringing her home!! Now hurry and get her there and post pics!

Hannah said...

Yay! My computer was slow and it was stuck on "she was sold" so for a while and I thought you didn't get her. :)

I can't wait to see her! :D

Sherry said...

YAY!!! I am so glad...I have been worrying about this on your behalf all week. I was trying to figure out a way to buy something to help you out, and just wasn't able to right now. Absolutely THRILLED for you. I want a cow....I just don't have enough room....and my family would probably not feel the same way about it too...Congratulations on your new family member.