Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not Exactly An English Shepherd...

Since I got a cow, my sister got a dog.

Correction: I got ONE cow, and my sister got TWO dogs. Maybe I should lobby for another cow to make things even.... Hmmm.

But numbers aside, I have to admit that these furry mops that have invaded the house are unmistakably adorable. :) The new additions are two, 8 month old male Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise crosses. These boys are brothers, and go by the names of Brody and Brinkley. ;)

So my friends, meet "the boys"


The boys, playing like, well, boys.

Brinkley + ball





They're not exactly English Shepherds, but I kinda' like these walking mops... It's fun having lap dogs around the place. 

Photo credit goes to my sister, over at Emily Nicolle Photography.


Hannah said...

They are so cute! They look very active. :)

oukay said...

From my experience with both Shih Tzus and Bichons, I would guess that you are going to have two very friendly and cheerful dogs!

Mary Ann said...

They're mops, but darling ones!

nancy said...

How cute!