Thursday, April 26, 2012

Truck And Dog Songs

I have a growing list of songs that are being reserved for the day when I have two things: A truck, and a dog. They are songs to be played while driving down the highway with my trailer filled with hay, feed, or livestock. The dog will be a sable colored, female, English Shepherd named Dulcie, and she'll ride shotgun next to me. I'll be wearing a well-worn Carhartt coat, and have a disheveled braid swung over my shoulder. 

My list of "truck and dog" songs is relatively varied, and the latest artists I've found have just been added to the mix. :) A sister introduced me to a trio of ladies who call themselves, "The Wailin' Jennys'. Wow. They're good.

So folks, should the day come when you pass a dirty truck on the highway with a girl and a dog inside, and you hear the lyrics of 'Beautiful Dawn' blaring as we pass, I apologize in advance. Just know that it's me. And I'm out enjoying myself. ;) 

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