Saturday, April 21, 2012

*Slight* Panic

Deep breath... Inhale, exhale... Breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth. We are calm... Right?

Blogger certainly knows how to drop a bombshell on unsuspecting writers. I have been informed by my silly Blogger account that I have posted my maximum amount of photos on this blog that they will allow, and I can no longer upload them on here.

WHAT?!?!?!? No more pictures??? You have GOT to be kidding me!!

Alas, t'was true... In the course of less than two years, I have used up my 1GB that Blogger allows. Grumble, grumble, grumble. If I pay however, they'll give me more room. Like I have oodles and doodles of spare cash lying around that I can spend on something like this!

 But all is not lost, dear readers! You will still get your pictures! I just now have to go via Photobucket, which is going to quite tedious. Nevertheless, fear not. This blogger won't fall to sharing simply words and not pictures. I am a very visual person. There HAVE to be pictures!

So, be forewarned if you are a blogger yourself... One day there just might be the dreaded notice on your own screen... [insert dramatic tension]


Autumn said...

I'm so happy that Wordpress has like a 2G allowance. I had a stint with Flickr last year to help reduce the amount, but I need to switch over to Photobucket to preserve space, too.

Oh, plight of the bloggers.

nancy said...

Good to know...

Carol said...

Happened to me a couple of months ago....such a hassle :0(

blind irish pirate said...

Sweet moses, really? I've been blogging for six years and haven't had this kind of thing.

gz said...

You don't have to change much, or friend has his "number two pottery blog", "number three pottery blog"...each time he reaches his limit, he just gets a new, free email address ands starts afresh..and links them all together, so no-one is lost.