Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Want To See More!

Phooey. This video just ain't long enough to quench the curiosity of one who has been caught hook, line, and sinker on the idea of oxen instead of draft horses. 

Now I'm gonna' have to buy the DVD...


nancy said...

Interesting! I wonder what the cost effectiveness is vs. using horses?

gz said...

have a visit to .
It is a forum for sustainable living, more of an online village really instead of a dry as dust advice place!

Mrs R is training oxen, have a talk with her. (her husband is Rob R on the forum, they have cattle, sheep, hens...!)

It is free to join in.
Look forward to seeing you there :-)

Goat Song said...

Nancy, I'm still figuring the total costs, but right now it's looking like oxen are 50% cheaper to buy/maintain than horses. But again, still working on verifying that.

gz, I'll be there. ;)

Prairie Kari said...

Did you ever buy this DVD? If so how was it? Lots of nuts and bolts instruction in the DVD? Kari

Goat Song said...

Kari, I haven't yet! I had completely forgotten about it until you posted your comment just now! Looks like it can be bought via Amazon for $29.95. Hmm... I'll have to mull over buying this for a couple hours and see about getting it tonight. Maybe. ;) I did however buy Drew Conroy's book about training oxen and that's been FABULOUS. (link to book: It's extremely detailed and makes a novice feel like they could easily and successfully train a team of oxen all by themselves. :)