Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just Peachy

Houston, the cow has landed.

The whole ride out to where Peaches was, I was worrying that we were going to have to chase this little lady around the pasture in a wild attempt to catch her. I had brought a 20' length of rope with me, a stout lead rope, and two halters. I was loaded for bull.

We pull up to the driveway, and I'm glad at what I see, but also uneasy. The man had already caught her for us, and I was so grateful that I wouldn't have to do any running! However, he didn't have any halters so he just put a noose around her neck. Every lunge and jerk that she made caused the rope to tighten a little more around her dainty neck and I could see that it was freaking her out. Thankfully the man was alright with me politely switching the rope out for a halter, and Peaches was much calmer after the change.

Crazy folks that we are, we still don't have a livestock trailer of our own, so we had every intention of just hoisting this little girl into the covered bed of our pickup, like we've done for all the other animals. The man offered to let us borrow his somewhat rickety trailer instead, and we accepted. Why make life more difficult?

She was loaded up, and brought home... And now she's here, where she will be safe and loved.

As you can see in the pictures, she's not exactly a model for the bovine race... She weighs 150 lbs. at four months of age, when she should weigh somewhere between 200 to 250 lbs. She's thin, she's wormy, she's got a snotty nose, and she has some mud scald on her legs. 

But what a sweetheart!!! She's shy, but she's pretty gentle, and I'm sure it's just a matter of time before she's as obnoxious as the goats when visitors come. I am tickled pink to have Peaches here, and I look forward to watching her bloom and grow! 

We're just peachy today... :)


oukay said...

She has potential! (and is very cute) Can't wait to see what you are able to do for her.

tpescdoc said...

Poor baby. She is adorable, even as thin as she is. I'm sure she will blossom in her new home. Aren't you both lucky? Blessings to you both.

Anonymous said...

by the looks of her, she is older than 4 months, she looks as if she could be a September baby...

nancy said...

She's a beauty and she'll be so grateful to you :)