Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Which Would You Choose?

Suppose you were looking for something particular... And you knew this something particular was going to cost a moderate amount of money. More money than you might normally have at any given time, but not a huge sum altogether.

Now, suppose you found something very similar to what you wanted, but it was FREE. Sure, it might have a few minor problems that are fixable, and it's not what you were originally looking for, but hey, it's free.

Which would you choose? Would you sit on your hands and wait for what you first wanted, and pay for it? Or would you go the route of free, even though it's not quite what you wanted? 

I'd like to know. I've found myself in this predicament today and I'm not sure which way to go... 


oukay said...

I would take the free item, fix it up and see if it turned out to be what I really wanted in the first place. If not, then I would start saving my money!

Jazkabor said...

Step1 Pray
Step2 Decide if it would truly be a blessing to except a free item, or if it would be a burden.

Of course if you can sell the item if it doesn't work than I normally feel that is a blessing and give it a try.
I know they say not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but those mouths are/can be extremely expensive and can be very hard to sell.
I am sure you will make a great choice!