Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making Progress!

When Peaches first came to Goat Song Farm, she weighed in at 150 lbs. 

Tonight I weighed her and she is now 180 lbs.!!! In a span of one week she's gained thirty pounds. Hot dawg!! ;)

She's also shedding out her fuzzy coat, so she's beginning to take on a sleeker appearance which is both good and bad. For while she's starting to look like a little lady, the lack of fuzziness is showing her ribs quite prominently. I've always been able to feel her ribs, but seeing them jutting out so sharply is quite a different matter... Another 30 lbs. on this girl should make a world of difference. That, and one more worming this week, plus some good kelp meal (which I should be picking up from the feed store this week). Yep, I'm seeing a lovely little cow emerging from this diamond in the rough. :)


Jazkabor said...

I am so hoping she works out well for you!

nancy said...

What a good Mom. She's going to give you lots of great milk after this I bet :)