Monday, April 30, 2012

I Made Pie

Today was a cram-packed busy day.


Today I:

Bought two mysterious "somethings" that will land here at GSF sometime next week. You'll never guess...

Chased and caught seven bunnies around the barn, who escaped their enclosure when some seriously high winds picked the portable pen up and tossed it six feet. All are now in a cage until these winds calm down...

Got chicken feed from the mill! Eight hundred pounds today, and the last seven hundred pounds to be picked up on a later date.

Made one dozen knitted goats in one day. I'm getting fast at these. ;)

Planned out my upcoming rabbit workshop (details coming!).

Inquired about a beef cow that we hope to split with some friends.

Enjoyed being buffeted and battered by the gale outside while doing barn chores.

treated Heidi's feet that have developed some small infections from all this dampness!

Listened to Birdy and Josh Ritter on my MP3 while in the kitchen, wearing a vintage apron, and loving the fact that it was storming outside while I was warm and dry inside!

And I made a cherry pie.


So many stories could be spun and plied from today, but that would be too many... Nay, ye' shall have to be content with a boring list of what I did, and know that I made cherry pie on a ridiculously busy day.

It is baked and is sitting gloriously on the counter... And I shall eat it tonight while watching the movie, "The Adventures of Tintin". I've been hearing rave reviews about this film, and seeing as both Steven Spielberg AND Peter Jackson took part in the making, it should indeed be good!! 


Pie anyone? If you can hop over here fast enough, I will serve you a great big slice and you shall be invited to watch a movie whilst you eat it. ;)


nancy said...

I love baking something wonderful when the weather's nasty!

WestbrookAcres said...

I wish I could be that busy, I'm busy packing so we can move to our farm and the in-laws can move into our house here in town, just wanted to say thanks for the blog, I find it inspiring and use it to keep me moving forward in my own dreams of farming. I'm also looking forward to any more of Heidi's story.

Goat Song said...

Congratulations on the new farm, WestbrookAcres!! :D

I don't have much more of Heidi's story to share at the moment... I've been revamping the entire thing with the help of a wise friend, so while it's still pretty much the same as far as the story goes, it is *much* better written now.